212 5th Avenue

Pembrooke & Ives  |  Senior Designer  |  2015

Twenty four stories tall. Powerful verticality. Dignified limestone. All supported by the bones of a steel frame that allows for high ceilings with a minimum of view-interrupting columns. Initially created for commercial use, 212 Fifth Avenue’s sprawling, open floor plans and oversized, light-inviting windows offer an inspiring loft-like, blank slate for residential use.

Given the building’s outstanding dimensions, a great deal of consideration was given to the planning of each residence.  The overarching goal was to harmonize the finest of contemporary living with a traditional method of circulation. Consequently, the stunning foyer serves as a classic focal point from which every room radiates outward.

The public areas - kitchen, dining and living spaces, underscore their transcendent height and width by adopting a loft-like, open floor plan.  The result is a breathtaking, and utterly contemporary, celebration of space and light. Opting for a more classic configuration, the private spaces are kept intentionally separate as an inviting, deeply personal enclave of uplifting proportions.