chelsea football stadium feasibility study

KPF Architects  |  Senior Designer  |  2013

KPF was approached by the Chelsea Football Club to initiate a feasibility study on a new 60,000 person stadium to be relocated from Stamford Bridge to the Earls Court borough of London.

Along with the design of the stadium, the study demanded we enhance London’s rail network, create new pedestrian walkways and cycle-ways, increase parkland and greenspace, develop new residential, retail, social centers, as well as, convention and sports facilities.

During the study, it became critical that the stadium have as little impact to the neighboring surroundings as possible, but at the same time, had to serve as a beacon for the club.  We utilized a sloping landscape surface to camouflage the structure from sensitive borough views.  This landscape surface also served as a massive urban park to the residents in the neighborhood.  The stadium's skin is made up of a light triangulated steel tube structure wrapped with a translucent EPDM membrane that can be internally lit up on game day giving the club a “temporary” presence within the urban environment.