Kioicho Building

KPF Architects  |  Senior Designer  |  2013

The Kioicho project is a 227,000 square meter mixed-use facility incorporating office, hotel, residential, commercial and parking functions. A mixed-use tower at 180 meters tall containing office and hotel function and a residential tower of 100 meters tall sit atop a retail podium that cascades down the sloping site. The design and placement preserve significant outdoor green space and supplements it with additional natural elements including water features, trees, and green promenades.

Located in the Kioicho District in the heart of Tokyo, Japan, the project occupies a prominent site in both the history and geography of the city. The site is partially bounded by one of the only remaining portions of the historic outer moat of the imperial palace and features panoramic views to surrounding significant locations including the Imperial Palace, Akasaka Palace, Mount Fuji, Shinjuku City and Tokyo Tower. The site is unquestionably a prime location, being surrounded by parks, gardens, and significant open spaces combined with easy access to infrastructure that allows it to be well connected to the rest of Tokyo. 

The design of the building itself is based on the three concepts of synthesis, harmony and tradition. The Kioicho project merges western and eastern architectural traditions to create a design of synthesis, building on a body of work and design vocabulary fostered by Frank Lloyd Wright and Kenzo Tange. Additionally, the project takes inspiration from traditional Japanese elements and incorporates them in a design that is modern but retains a distinct Japanese identity without resorting to clichés. Harmony with nature is an essential concept in traditional Japanese architecture and is continued in the design of the Kioicho Project.

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