Oberoi Mixed Use Project

KPF Architects  |  Senior Designer  |  2011

The Worli Mixed-Use complex is located in Worli, South Mumbai.  The site is situated north of Mumbai’s city center.  Views are maximized towards the west, as the site is approximately 600 meters from the Arabian Sea.  Most of the surrounding buildings are low-rise providing panoramic views from both towers.  The surrounding infrastructure allows the site to be well connected to the rest of Mumbai.

The design of the Worli Mixed-Use complex creates an iconic form unmatched in Worli or Mumbai.  Composed of two towers, a podium mass stretches the length of the site connecting the whole development.  Reacting to the scale of the neighboring Avantha House and Century Bazaar buildings, the 245-meter tower at the north of the site contains office and hotel functions.  To the south, a 375-meter residential tower offers unparalleled views of the sea.

The surrounding context, not only informs, but also inspires the design concept for the Worli Mixed Use development.  Towers are strategically placed to take full advantage of western views while maximizing site coverage.  As there are views to the sea from most vantage points, synergy with water becomes an important concept within the development.  The visual connection to the sea is brought to life on the site by creating pools for every residential unit.  Water features are also provided in many of the public zones.  While maintaining these views, a uniform vocabulary is applied to the exterior walls of the project.  Staggering elements on the facades create a woven appearance which animates the walls.

construction Photos

Residential Plans


program Diagram