TGMM Shibaura Project

KPF Architects  |  Senior Designer  |  2014

The TGMM Shibaura Project is a 291,800 square meter mixed-use facility incorporating office, hotel, commercial and recreational functions. Two office towers at 180 meters tall and a 9 story hotel sit atop a retail podium that extends across the entire site. The design and placement allow a significant amount of outdoor green space and supplement it with additional natural elements including water features, trees, and green promenades.

Located in the Shibaura District in the heart of Tokyo, Japan, the project occupies a prominent site in the geography of the city. Shibaura is located East of the Yamanote Line, a major line of transportation throughout Tokyo, and Tokyo Bay. This location is ideal for proximity to downtown Tokyo, while retaining open views toward the Pacific Ocean. The Shibaura District was originally built on man-made land along the canal creating space for warehouses and factories. More recently it has been developed as a “waterfront city” transforming many old factories into residential and commercial space.

The design of the building itself is based on the three concepts of juxtaposition, movement, and framing. Additionally, the project takes inspiration from traditional Japanese elements and incorporates them in a design that is modern yet retains a distinct Japanese identity without resorting to clichés. Harmony with nature is an essential concept in traditional Japanese architecture and is continued in the design of the TGMM Shibaura Project.